Monday, November 15, 2010

Please Read Before Posting Comments!!!

3 full-page collages, each demonstrating different gestalt principles

Any questions on Gestalt Principles can be answered through either the reading, my thicker handout from last class or by visiting my Google site, scrolling to the bottom and downloading the 'Unity and Variety' PDF:

NEW READING! Chapter 3, Pages 66-74, 84-87

First off let me thank every one of you for your help in making this work. Any and all issues that have come up will help me to better understand how to handle a full class using the on-line format. So again, thanks.

Please look over and review your fellow classmates works. Keep in mind that many of them worked just as hard on theirs as you did on yours so, again, take some time to really look at some of them.

Once you have reviewed them please leave comments that specifically detail at least three (3) other classmate's works by 6pm tomorrow (Tuesday). You may post all of your comments at one time or separately (honestly, I prefer all-in-one but do what makes you more comfortable).

Please do NOT make simple statements (ie. 'I like it,' 'It looks good'). Talk about the concept as well as the execution (final result). Treat it like a normal in-class critique. Ask questions:
Does it communicate the intended idea?
Is it completed using one of the required fonts?
Does it look good?

These look good! Don't forget to check back to see what your fellow classmates had to say.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Typographic Assignment

Sydney Barnett

Scott Boensel

Chris Butler

Jennifer Chavarria

Daniel Cleveland

Fatima Condon

John Craft

Ciera Germany

Leonard Hemby

Erin Hull

Charles MacDonald

Melissa, McCaslin

Jonnathan Mercado

Sam Owuso

Laura Pannell

Christine Paquette

Craig Roberts

Tom Seng

Briana Shearod

Matt Terry

Janell Thorpe