Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Typographic Assignment

Sydney Barnett

Scott Boensel

Chris Butler

Jennifer Chavarria

Daniel Cleveland

Fatima Condon

John Craft

Ciera Germany

Leonard Hemby

Erin Hull

Charles MacDonald

Melissa, McCaslin

Jonnathan Mercado

Sam Owuso

Laura Pannell

Christine Paquette

Craig Roberts

Tom Seng

Briana Shearod

Matt Terry

Janell Thorpe


  1. 1. tom seng's bees.
    it took me a minute to get it as first glance i thought it was a hypodermic needle. but i think the concept and execution for conveying the bee was well-thought and well-executed.

    2. melissa mccaslin's paris.
    very nicely detailed eiffel tower looks perfect and being the defining icon of paris conveys the concept simply but perfectly.

    3. john craft's shattered.
    i like the detail on the letters and mark-making used to obtain various degrees of shade.but when i think shattered, i think of a broken mirror via cleanly broken shards. the effect used suggests more of a rot or degeneration to me.

    extra: cristine paguette's squish.
    you tried, and that's what counts, i'm proud of you.

  2. -I really enjoyed melissa's project on the word "Paris" and how she used the image of the eiffel tower to emphasis the word. I think it really gives her project characteristic as if it's an AD for a trip to paris, France.
    -Matt's "Rage is very interesting because I would have never known how to portray the word rage as a word, but it's very clever. I like how each letter becomes more distorted than the last-almost as if they're telling a story of how rage can start and end.
    Jonnathon's "Lamp" is very clever as well, I just wish he had excluded the cord and the black lines to emphasis his word. I feel that because the background is already eye-catching enough, the black lines inside what appears to be the light coming from the letter "P" and the cord coming from the letter "L", takes away from the word itself a little bit. BUT I LOVE EVERYONE'S PROJECT AND WILL BE DEFINITELY STARTING OVER AGAIN TONIGHT!!!

  3. 1)I really like Craig Roberts' "SLICE". from what i can tell the rendering is clean and the distortion acoss the word is percise.
    2)I also like John Craft's "Shatter", however i would have like to see the broken peices falling off of the word its self.
    3)I was intriqued by Daniel Cleveland's "Push", however I would have used the "P" to push "ush" or use "P" and "U" to push. Bringing in the hand takes away from the work itself. You do get the meaning but on terms of composition, it could be executed better.

  4. I really enjoyed the theme of Briana project how she showed the word hooked and the hook coming down really giving the audience a good visual picture of the word.
    I also enjoyed Melissa word PARIS and how she had the Eiffel tower in the word Paris that was very creative.
    I also enjoyed Jennifer word REFLECT and how she used the word like a mirror image it was very unique and i thought it stood out the most.

  5. -Chris' "egg" is my favorite because of it's simplicity and you took an angle at developing the "e" by using an outside element, the reptile. I also like that the you created a visual element but also kept the "e" within the basic shape of the font.
    -Melissa's "Paris" is visual stunning and it is obvious why. Besides the awesome detail in the tower, the font is very well executed and seems to stay true to the font's form.
    -Matt's "Rage" is awesome, although it appears to take shape of "shatter's" action it conveys the idea of rage, the progression of shattering the word itself is a physical embodiment of rage. Well done.

    -Well done everyone.

  6. -Sam Owuso's is really clever and a good idea but when I looked a second time I noticed it actually says "ubside". The lines could also use some cleaning up, but it is an all around good piece.
    -Jonathan Mercado's work is really nice and the stippling is incredible. The one thing that bothers me are the black lines that are meant to represent the light I don't really feel they are needed and think that white represents the light just fine. Also how is the light on when its not plugged in?
    -Melissa McCaslin's piece is incredibly nice and the detail in the Eiffel tower is amazing and all her lines are extremely clean. Honestly I'm not sure what I dislike about hers... if i had to say something maybe the spacing of the letters could be different to show both sides of the tower better, but even that is minor in my opinion... great work.

  7. Jennifer Chavarria- This looks great! It reflects perfectly, nothing out of place! Great job girl!

    Scott Boensel- Very cool! I'm glad that you went with that idea. I totally get that it says shoot! And nice touch with the bullet holes in the other "O"!

    Christine Paquette- Cool idea! It looks good. I get your concept and I really like it! Great job!

  8. Sam's upside down project has a really nice concept. I like the way he designed the "p" to go in the opposite direction, but yet it's still a clear understanding of what the word reads.

    Jonnathans lamp project looks really neat. The way he positioned the words in the form of a lamp looks good, it can easily pass as a logo.

    Fatima's "reach" is done neatly and the words are positioned as though they're reaching, which gets the message across.

  9. Melissa McCaslin- I like her "paris" I thought it was very clever the idea of using the eiffel tower as the "A". I can see that she applied alot of detail and precision she used in the tower. She did a good job in everything.
    Craig Roberts- I thought his "Slice" was very well done. The word does actually look like it's being sliced. And you can clearly see the typeface that he used.
    Janell Thorpe- Her idea to use a finger for her "i" in the word was a cool idea that she came up with. Her project is clear and clean and I understand what she was going for.

  10. Leonard Hemby- I really like the idea of making the word CLOCK into a clock. it is very clean and nicely done. it really looks like a clock, i was able to identify both the word and the image as soon as i looked at it.

    Matt Terry- The RAGE looks awesome, the letters are still very clean and straight even with all the cracks in them. even though the letters are being shattered they still look excatly like the original font. very very nice job :)

    Charles Macdonald- it took me a while to identify what word this was. once i figured it out i now see that the word BULL is in the shape of a bull, maybe it is because the letters are out of order that i wasnt able to identify what you were trying to convey.

  11. Leonard’s clock is a great example of sans serif. I admire how the C and L compliment each other by being sized the way they are. I also like how the letters are all leveled and there is no tilt to any. The L could have been tilted anyway and it would be visible that it is a clock, but the way it is looks like it could be a logo or on a sign.

    John’s shatter is appealing to the eye because of how the bottom of the letters warps the overall equal separation of letters. The spatial measurement is somewhat lost due to the disappearance of the shattering letters. If the word were designed where the heavy weight of the top was spread more evenly and didn’t get lost as you’re gaze goes down, the impact would be decreased. It’s basically cool to look at.

    Charles’s bull is a creative arrangement of the 4 letters. It looks just like a bull and spacing or tracking between the L’s and the B’s matches he lower U to the B. I think the space between the letters is what helps convince the eye that it is a bull we are looking at.

  12. 1.) I really LOVE Melissa's "Paris" with the Eiffel Tower...Before I even pay attention to the word "Paris" the tower is what I notice first and it automatically shows that the theme word is paris. Great Job!

    2.)Scott Boensel's [SHOT] has a really nice concept. It reminds me of when I'm looking through a riffle. And I like how he creates gun shot holes in the "O". Nice!!

    3.)I Like Leonard's "Clock" I like how he used the "C" as the outline of the clock and the "L" as that big and little hands on the clock, very creative.

    --Overall I think everyone did a good job. I believe it was 3 of them that I had difficulty reading for the simple fact that the words were forming into the object which made it hard to read if you understand what I'm saying.

  13. 1)Briana Shearod-I love the hooked. I really like how simple the design is, the only outside element being the hook on the O is very clever. I like how the D is dangling off of the E as well. Overall it is a very simple design but does a great job of portraying the word hooked.

    2)Craig Roberts- I think that this has to be my favorite image. I think it is really well done yet very simple, which is sometimes better. I love how clean and precise the letters are. And the actual slice through the word is really well done. It was a very creative idea and it was executed beautifully.

    3)John Craft- This was another of my favorite images. Like Craigs the overall effect of the image is very simple, yet really precise and clean. It reminds me of the type of font that would be used for a movie or something. I think you did a really great job of not going overboard and adding too much. The simplicity of your image really makes it stand out. Great job.

  14. jon craft- worked out well, i like how they are falling apart, maybe could have shown it as more of a progression of their destruction, as the word continues the letters fall apart more and more, and then show pieces of the letters more that have fallen. other than my nitpicking, uber cool,

    Charles MacDonald- took me a second but i figured it out, the B and the U stood out but the Ls were lost to me for a second, i don't know how you would have cleaned it up, but i enjoy the concept very much, the only one to create a really good image that looks alot like what its world
    Christine Paquette- i like it alot, very clever, it is quickly conveyed, the space is used very well, basically i just super like the execution

  15. I really like laura's design. It's very well thought out. It's very well thought. It a great representation of the word.

  16. Melissa, McCaslin
    I loved her prais it looks amazing and the detailed of the Ifo tower it look a real flyer from a travel magazine. Very well excuted.
    Briana Shearod
    Was one of the best ideas and it was very intresting how to got the Hooked across. It was simple but good.
    Craig Roberts
    To me Craigs looked like it was very 2D and got the silced across it was good and Detailed and you can tell what type he used.

  17. Matts is nicely done. I like the concept and it's a good representation. It was thought out

  18. Scott this is very creative a lot of thought put into this

  19. DIZ SAMMIE..




  20. Matt- I really love how yours gets more chaotic with each letter showing how rage progresses and can worsen. It is very crisp and clean.
    Charles- the bull is rad, a very very interesting placement of letters to form the image of the word.
    Melissa- I am mad jealous of your eifel tower. That is very awesome. Simple idea but complicated to execute I'm sure but you did it well kudos

  21. This is weird!! I posted my comments at 4 :54 pm!!! For some reason, they didn't show up when I decided to review the remaining comments after work. I guess I will post again.

    1) First of all, Scott, I love how you managed to create the word shoot with bullet holes in the letter O. I also love how the words are contained inside of a dark circle which is represented by a zoomed in scope. Next time, I would make more bullet holes on other letters because they are plain :(.

    2)Leonard, I really enjoyed the new clock design that you decided to create. Although, I wish that you would have stuck with your original idea, which was have all of the letters contained within the C. Overall, great concept.

    3) Melissa, I really loved your Eiffel tower. It was simple use of words, yet so creative. All of the details on the Eiffel tower really caught my attention. Although, I felt as though it was a little plain, but it got the point across.